Best Utility for the Perfect D3 Usage Now

Data journalism can look forward to growing popularity: more and more editors are starting to analyze and visualize data. There are many useful tools to find on the internet. The best thing is of course if you can process data into attractive, interactive visualizations on the web.

Anyone who thinks journalism is not about numbers is wrong. Figures on the editorial staff are more important than ever. Since we are behind computer screens and databases no longer have higher mathematics, more data is being collected than ever. And these data all serve to set policy and decision making.


Data journalism is a hot issue on the editorial boards. The number of requests for training is high for both national and regional newspapers and also for audio visual media. Fixed components are: how do you find data, how can you download data or scrape with Outwit Hub , how can you clean up data with Google Refine  and how can you analyze data in spreadsheets like Excel? The data driven documents are there now.


In principle, visualization is not that complicated. Excel offers sufficient possibilities to make graphs of all kinds. But yes that are static pictures. We therefore need to visualize more than Excel and data with other applications. More possibilities and a bit more complicated is Google’s chart editing tool , if you are willing to immerse yourself in Java script. Or play in the sandbox of Google Graphics.


It is slightly more complex to display geographic data and make different maps. Google Fusion Tables  is a wonderful tool, both for displaying information points (clickable dots or push pins on the map with information) and for making specific maps with data, for example a municipality map of the Netherlands with data on unemployment.


A bit more convenient is to use a real GIS program (Geographic Information Systems), such as Quantum GIS .Qgis is open source and is a full program to create and edit digital maps. In this case, a municipality map of the country with unemployment data in the shape format could be exported to KML, and import this file into Fusion Tables again. Fortunately, Google has a solution for the legend of the map; it can now be added automatically at the touch of a button. A month ago you had to create a javascript yourself for a simple legend.


However Java in general and D3 in particular is not something you should leave to the average journalist or have to learn. That goes a bridge too far; it is a tool for developers. In order to be able to publish these types of documents in the online edition, however, it is necessary that media use these types of developers. And secondly, those data editors at the newspaper are at least aware of the basic principles, in order to be able to manage the developers. Yes, maybe just another course…..for the newspaper of the future.

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Things To Check While Buying CCTV

There are such “little things” as the choice of the method of video signal transmission. Here you can select the following options:

  • wireless
  • On twisted pair
  • By coaxial cable or fiber

The latter is used in digital video surveillance systems to transmit large data streams over significant distances and to a mass user is not interesting, mainly because of its high cost. The rest are used quite widely and can be recommended for a variety of categories of objects.

Another useful advice is do not immediately unconditionally follow the first recommendations of your friends, acquaintances, and information from the Internet. Look at the different sentences. A concrete example – if you need high-definition video surveillance, then its better that you don’t immediately choose an IP system. You must look for other excellent cctv Singapore.

Recently, other technologies are actively developing. You can pay attention to AHD video surveillance. Excellent quality, increased transmission distances on coaxial cable, however – no problems with tuning, inherent in network monitoring. That is – the simplicity inherent in the “analog” and the quality commensurate with IP. So, as the famous film character said, you do not need to hurry.

How to improve your kitchen with help of a professional

Want to refresh the interior of the kitchen? Change the textile decoration of the window – the situation will play with new colors. Keep in mind that kitchen curtains should not only be beautiful and match the style of the interior, but also do not hide the space, it is easy to remove and do not interfere with cleaning. It is necessary to contact reliable Singapore home improvementprofessionals, you can decide on the design yourself.

Determine the size and arrangement of the carpet in the room

Many consider carpets a relic of the past and ironically recall old times. It’s time to look at this kind of flooring from a new angle. In the living room, a large carpet will look great, but in the bedroom you can throw two mats on either side of the bed. To simplify your choice, study detailed schemes.

Make the bed like in a good hotel

A beautifully-made bed is an absolute must-have of any bedroom. It will transform the situation and become a piece of the interior. We are sure that you like the neat bedspreads, stylish pillow compositions that meet the tenants of good hotels. Where to begin? You are helped by an understandable step-by-step instruction.

How to beautifully serve a table

Scientists have proved that a beautifully laid table and a warm company increase appetite and pleasure from eating. To turn an ordinary breakfast, lunch or dinner into a small feast, a beautiful enough service and the correct arrangement of serving items. Want to simplify the process of preparation – use our schemes.


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